Willow Creek

Vancouver, WA

Capitalizing upon the popularity of the detached and attached homes at its Covington Manor development, Ginn Development purchased 32 remaining lots in the Willow Creek subdivision. For this project, Ginn Development aimed to re-evaluate and complete the neighborhood by implementing reformed pricing strategies and selecting a product line that would appeal to a variety of consumers. At the time of purchase, all 32 lots sat overgrown and empty. With new home construction completed in 2016, Willow Creek is now a thriving community. These 32 finished units are currently offered for sale at $9,000,000. Units can be broken up into smaller packages for sale as well.

  • 32 Developed Attached and Detached Lots
  • Vertical Construction Completed in 2016
  • 100% Occupied Units
  • Rental Investment Community Currently For Sale

Project Summary

Name: Willow Creek

Owning Entity: Willow Creek Investments, LLC

Real Estate Brokerage: Ginn Realty Group | The Hasson Company

Ginn Development Services: Residential and Multi-Family Land Development

Location Address: 8109 NE 20th St, Vancouver, WA 98664

Project Start: 2015

Project End: 2016

Current Status: Complete